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Feedback score: 97.52%

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Comment Item(s) Date
Card in great condition FOIL Great Furnace, Mirrodin, F Magic the Gather 06/20/2017
Great card!! Signed by artist and got it quick! Morphling, Urza's Saga, Signed by Artist, NM Ma 04/13/2017
Good shipping, easy quick business! 4x Arcane Denial, VF-NM, Alliances Magic the Gathe 04/08/2017
I have yet to receive the items I paid for. High Tide Deck Staples: 4x High Tide, 3x Merchant 03/23/2017
Good transaction thanks Golgari Grave-Troll, DD: Izzet vs. Golgari, NM Ma 08/28/2016
Package arrived quickly and was just as advertised! Homeward Path, Commander, NM Magic the Gathering 06/11/2016
Speedy delivery, Kept in contact with me and answered any questions I had promptly. A+ seller Huntmaster of the Fells, Dark Ascension, NM Magi 06/11/2016
All positive. Good price, quick shipping, thank you. Pyromancer Ascension, Zendikar, NM Magic the Gat 05/18/2016
Good price. Fast shipping. Great seller. Prismatic Omen, Shadowmoor, NM Magic the Gatherin 05/01/2016
Guess you'll remember the next banned and restricted list update. :) JAPANESE Ancestral Memories, Time Spiral, F Magic 04/20/2016
Awesome! got an awesome deal, very happy with how fast it arrived. seller was fast and responsive. Underground Sea, Revised Dual Land, VG/F Magic the 03/12/2016
Perfect Chalice of the Void, Mirrodin, VF Magic the Gather 03/01/2016
Very quick shipping and arrived in excellent condition. Aether Vial, Modern Masters, NM Magic the Gatherin 02/24/2016
Card received was bent/damaged along bottom right side. No mention of the damage was metioned Chalice of the Void, Mirrodin Magic the Gathering 02/12/2016
Excellent communication with Seller. Past in Flames, Innistrad, NM Magic the Gathering 02/05/2016
Perfect, Thanks! Serra's Sanctum, Urza's Saga, F/VF Magic the Gath 01/26/2016
awesome great and fast, perfect condition upon arrival. Master of the Wild Hunt, M10, NM Magic the Gather 01/15/2016
Great communication, fast shipping! Thanks!! Boseiju, Who Shelters All, FTV: Realms, NM Magic 09/30/2015
perfect, thanks! Creeping Tar Pit, Worldwake, NM Magic the Gather 07/27/2015
Item arrived as described in good condition. Price was good too! Vexing Shusher, Shadowmoor, VF/NM Magic the Gat 07/14/2015
Good seller. He resent the item after being given the wrong address initially. Thanks! Inquisition of Kozilek, RoE, NM Magic the Gatherin 07/02/2015
Responsive and fast delivery, will do business again with this seller. Heritage Druid, Morningtide, VF+ Magic the Gather 06/09/2015
Product came as described. FOIL Pendelhaven, Timeshifted, VF Magic the Gathe 05/20/2015
Arrived in a timely manner, well packaged. Thanks Fauna Shaman, Magic 2011 (M11), NM Magic the Gath, etc. 03/29/2015
good job Wilt-Leaf Liege, Shadowmoor, NM Magic the Gatheri 02/16/2015
was what i ordered Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, CoK, F+ Magic the Gath 01/28/2015
Exactly as advertised. Sensei's Divining Top, Champions of Kamigawa, F M 12/18/2014
Got exactly what was promised. Sliver Queen, Stronghold Magic the Gathering 11/12/2014
Great seller. Recommended! A++ Leyline of Sanctity, Magic 2011 (M11), NM Magic t 09/30/2014
Shipped quickly, card in good condition! Crucible of Worlds, 10th Ed., NM Magic the Gather 09/27/2014
Very fast delivery. Recommended. Hero's Downfall, Theros, NM Magic the Gathering 09/15/2014
Good experience, good seller, would buy from again. Jace, Memory Adept, Magic 2013 (M13), NM Magic th, etc. 09/02/2014
Awesome! Quick! Professional! FREE SHIPPING! this is one awesome seller. Good luck and great buying! Eldrazi Conscription,Rise of the Eldrazi, NM Mag 08/14/2014
Very fast shipment, thanks Geekzinga!!! Goblin Guide, Zendikar, NM Magic the Gathering 07/28/2014
The item was received a week after I purchased it, and it was in good condition. Primordial Hydra, Magic 2013 (M13), NM Magic the 07/14/2014
quick and accurate would order from them again 4x Traumatize, M14, NM Magic the Gathering 05/10/2014
Amazing seller amazing products highly recommend Kaalia of the Vast, Commander, NM Magic the Gathe 04/22/2014
excellent Seedborn Muse, 10th Ed., NM Magic the Gathering, etc. 04/21/2014
Got it in a good amount of time, no problems whatsover. Product was in great condition. 5 stars Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Fightstick 20 04/21/2014
No issues with the transaction. Great price. Chaos Warp, Commander, NM Magic the Gathering 04/17/2014
Seller listed an item that he no longer had in stock. Waste of time, and I missed better deals. Noble Hierarch, Conflux, NM Magic the Gathering, etc. 02/19/2014
Very fast shipping. Product was as stated. Great transaction! Underground Sea, Revised Dual Land, NM Magic the 02/13/2014
Guy was out of town, so he 2-day shipped to make up for it. A++++ Volcanic Island, Revised Dual Land, NM Magic the 02/05/2014
Card was in excellent condition, and the seller got it shipped very quickly. Thoughtseize, Theros, NM Magic the Gathering 02/03/2014
Great Product + Great Price + Received Quickly = A top seller - Thank you!!! Roberto Clemente Bobblehead, Pittsburgh Pirates, O 01/31/2014
all good no problems Mutavault, M14, NM Magic the Gathering 01/12/2014
Great seller Fulminator Mage, Shadowmoor, NM Magic the Gatheri 01/10/2014
Wonderful seller, fast shipment, and smooth transaction. Grove of the Burnwillows, Future Sight, NM Magic t 01/10/2014
Pretty good price on the card and seems straight forward enough. Deathrite Shaman, Ravnica, NM Magic the Gathering 10/11/2013
Great seller quick shipping. Mistake in quantity stated was corrected quickly and easily. Celestial Colonnade, Worldwake, NM Magic the Gathe, etc. 08/10/2013
Solid transaction with rapid delivery. Many thanks. 4x Grand Abolisher, M12, NM Magic the Gathering 08/10/2013
Mint condition. Fast shipping Archangel of Thune, M14, NM Magic the Gathering 08/09/2013
shipping was delayed but he emailed me a warning and itemsarrived in good condition a few days later Bloodghast, Zendikar, NM Magic the Gathering 08/08/2013
Received item, but was not for 360. Seller accepted return and refunded. Mistakes happen. Thanks! =) Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Fightstick 20 05/17/2013
Great sell. Thanks. Lord of Extinction, Alara Reborn, NM Magic the Ga 05/16/2013
Product shipped, arrived quickly and was in the advertised condition. Elspeth, Knight Errant, Shards, NM Magic the Gath 05/02/2013
A+++++ Great Communication Great Packing Super Fast Ship Thank You Joe Montana Bobblehead, Celebrating '77 Notre Dame 05/01/2013
Fantastic!!!!! Joe Montana Bobblehead, Celebrating '77 Notre Dame 04/18/2013
Fast shipping , great cards! Thanks... FOIL Restoration Angel, Avacyn Restored, NM Magic, etc. 04/03/2013
Just the card I was looking for. Fast shipping. FOIL Liliana Vess, Media Promo, NM Magic the Gath 03/18/2013
Excellent communication with Seller. Ajani Vengeant, Prerelease Promo, NM Magic the Ga 03/18/2013
Fast shipping, items as promised. A+ Wheel of Fortune, Revised, NM Magic the Gathering 03/16/2013
Card arrived quickly, well-packaged and in described condition. Thanks! Wheel of Fortune, Revised, NM Magic the Gathering 02/21/2013
Great communication and cards came in the described condition. The seller took extra care in mailing Aether Vial, Darksteel, NM Magic the Gathering 02/19/2013
Great seller Grove of the Burnwillows, FTV: Realms, NM Magic t, etc. 02/18/2013
shipped fast, great condition, great price 4x Etherium Sculptor, Shards of Alara, VF+/NM Ma 02/10/2013
great Wilt-Leaf Liege, Shadowmoor, NM Magic the Gatheri 01/31/2013
My cards arrived in good time & in good shape - thank you! 8x Relentless Rats, M10, VF/NM Magic the Gatherin 01/17/2013
for a few good rare/mythic cards. best to shop from geekzinga! FOIL Promo Silverblade Paladin, NM Magic the Gathe 01/02/2013
good pricing and great item description. not a bad site at all. i will definitely look for more. Vexing Devil, Avacyn Restored, NM Magic the Gather 12/13/2012
Received quickly and ingreat condition. Thanks. Entreat the Angels, Avacyn Restored, NM Magic the 11/13/2012
Order was sent in good time, nicely packaged and with no damage. The product was in great condition. Catra, Masters of the Univers Classics, NIB! 10/03/2012
Prompt communication, great service from start to finish! A+++ Teela, Masters of the Universe Classics, NIB!, etc. 08/18/2012
Nice transaction - great communication. Thanks! Ultraman vs. Alexander Luthor, Battle for Earth 3,, etc. 07/24/2012
Awesome service! Always responded to my questions immediately. Would buy from again for sure! Special Lot for Michael 05/31/2012
Awesome service! Always responded to my questions immediately. Would buy from again for sure! Battle Armor He-Man, Masters of the Universe Class, etc. 05/31/2012
Loved the Twins! Wonder Twins, DC Universe, Mattycollector 05/26/2012
Great seller, perfect Chain Lightning, Fire & Lightning, NM Magic the Ga 05/21/2012
Received item in good condition and was quickly notified about shipping delay and tracking info. Lobo, Justice League Unlimited by Mattycollector 05/09/2012
Superfast service ... had items in hand within 3 business days. John Stewart, DC Universe Classics, Wave 11 Figure, etc. 05/06/2012
quick, fast, and good. Evil-Lyn, Masters of the Universe Classics 04/07/2012
perfect all around great person to deal with highly recommended thanks again King Rondor, Masters of the Universe Classics by M 02/24/2012
Very good seller. Item as described. Hard to contact tho. Razer Naga 3.5G MMORPG Gaming Mouse NEW 02/08/2012
A+. thank you 4x Lotus Petal, Tempest, F-NM Magic the Gathering 01/27/2012
Amazing service!! Faker and King Rondor for Ben 01/23/2012
perfectly smooth sale Robotech Masterpiece Super Veritech Armor Rick Hun 01/06/2012
Great seller, quick shipping and items were as described 4x Dissipate, Mirage, VF/NM Magic the Gathering 11/14/2011
a+ Standstill, Odyssey, NM, Magic the Gathering 10/31/2011
I am thus far pleased with these transaction Winston Zeddlemore, Ghostbusters by Mattycollector 10/22/2011
Amazing.... Thanks! Orko (w/ Prince Adam), Masters of the Universe Cla 10/21/2011
Everything went smoothly, and i got exactly what was advertised. Memnarch, Archenemey, NM Magic the Gathering 10/19/2011
i never got them Lighthouse Chronologist, Rise of the Eldrazi, NM M 10/19/2011
On time and in good condition. Maelstrom Archangel, Conflux, NM, Magic the Gather 10/18/2011
great seller, quick arrival, condition as described 4x Careful Study, Odyssey, NM Magic the Gathering 10/13/2011
Great seller Flusterstorm, Commander, NM Magic the Gathering 10/13/2011
Great communication! Speedy delivery! Hero of Bladehold, Prerelease Foil Promo, NM Magic 09/07/2011
Thumbs up. 2x Pithing Needle, M10, NM Magic the Gathering, etc. 08/20/2011
Arrived on time and in good condition 2x Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni, Betrayers, VF Magic t 08/13/2011
Product came quickly, and in EXCELLENT condition! I would purchase from Geekzinga again. Thanks!! Progenitus, Conflux, NM Magic the Gathering 07/18/2011
Prompt delivery. Cards as described. Would buy again. Circu, Dimir Lobotomist, Ravnica, VF/NM Magic the 07/06/2011
Prompt delivery. Cards as described. Would buy again. 4x Captain of the Watch, M10, NM Magic the Gatheri 07/06/2011
Fast shipping and great condition! Thanks!! Iona, Shield of Emeria, Zendikar, VF Magic the Gat 06/30/2011
Prompt delivery. Cards as described. Would buy again. Preeminent Captain, Morningtide, NM Magic the Gath, etc. 06/29/2011
Card was in good condition thanks!!!!!!!! Great Price!!!! All hallow's Eve, Legends, F Magic the Gathering 05/29/2011
Quick shipping. Thanks. 4x Capsize, Tempest, VF-NM Magic the Gathering, etc. 05/18/2011
Card was in great shape and arrived quickly. Very happy and would order again! Summoner's Pact, Future Sight, NM Magic the Gather 05/07/2011
Great packaging, fast shipping. No problems at all. 4x Brainstorm, Mercadian Masques, NM Magic the Gat 04/02/2011
Very fast shipping, as described, thanks! Kai Budde 1999 World Champioships Deck Magic the G 03/16/2011
Good deal, no issues. Thanks! 9x Relentless Rats (1 Foil), M10 & M11, NM Magic t 03/13/2011
Great packaging, fast shipping. No problems at all. 4x Inquisition of Kozilek, RoE, NM Magic the Gathe, etc. 03/10/2011
Quick delivery, good condition of product, would deal with again. 4x Tectonic Edge, Worldwake, NM Magic the Gatherin 03/04/2011
Tight packaging, good choice of having signature confirmation. Thanks. Stoneforge Mystic, Worldwake, NM Magic the Gatheri 02/19/2011
Perfect. Went the extra mile with packaging. Thanks! Tinker, Urza's Legacy, VF-NM Magic the Gathering 12/31/2010
The card came in a sealed hard shell sleeve and in the stated NM condition. Very happy customer. Crucible of Worlds, 10th Ed., NM Magic the Gatheri 12/28/2010
great condition, fast shipping, would love to do business again 4x Cloud of Faeries, VF-NM, Urza's Legacy Magic th, etc. 12/18/2010
Got it just a few days after ordering, great condition and protection Mind Over Matter, Exodus, NM Magic the Gathering 11/08/2010
Quick ship and good condition, no complaints. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Rise of the Eldrazi, NM 11/06/2010
Shipped promptly and in the condition as described. Reanimate, Tempest, VF, Magic the Gathering 09/10/2010
Good communication and fast ship. Imperious Prefect, Lorwyn, Magic the Gathering NM 08/16/2010
All was well, thanks again! 4x Wall of Roots, Mirage, VF-NM, Magic the Gatheri 08/08/2010
good job Time Warp, Tempest, NM Magic the Gathering 08/04/2010
Good card, price, and communication! Will do business again - thanks! Ashenmoor Liege, Shadowmoor, NM Magic the Gatherin 07/07/2010
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